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Welcome to my website!

Born in 1990 and raised in Provence (France), I’ve been passionate about landscape photography since my early teens. I graduated from the Gobelins school in 2015 (in Paris), and have since been working as a retoucher-photographer and image professional. Since 2020, I’ve also been creating professional websites for craftsmen & associations.

Always drawn to the great outdoors and heights, I’m working on developing my own photographic style through the exploration of mountains and wild places.

It took me years to really understand what photography meant to me: a simple way of living outside, and looking at what’s there, right in front of our eyes.

Crossing a pass before dawn, photographing the night, getting down on your stomach to observe the flowers, following loving brides and grooms, feeling the cold and listening to the silence. These are the things I’m passionate about, always with the aim of bringing you the beautiful and the unexpected.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any request or just to say hello!