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Need a website?

I'm here for you.

  • Showcase Sites
  • E-commerce stores
  • Redesigns
  • Digital strategy & identity

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What I propose

I mainly design showcase and e-commerce sites on WordPress. Why? After all, it’s the most widely used content manager on the web!

This means you retain control of your content from the moment the site is delivered, while benefiting from a variety of features that can be implemented quickly.

Website creation

Creation of showcase, corporate, e-commerce and blog sites

Webdesign UX/UI

Graphic layout, design workshop, ergonomics, wireframing

Digital strategy and identity

Not sure where to start building your online presence? We’ll take stock together and I’ll guide you towards the best solutions for your budget.


A beautiful site without visitors is a waste. Your position in the search engines will be the key to your success.

Completed sites

The little extras

Ethical hosting

As an Infomaniak® reseller, take advantage of a website hosted in Switzerland on servers powered 100% by renewable energy.


My approach is holistic and personalized. The benefits? We take the time to discuss each stage of the project, much more so than with an agency.

Easy to use

Enjoy the power of WordPress without its drawbacks, thanks to a simplified administration interface. Your site is delivered turnkey, with only what you need.

Maintenance contract

Keep an eye on your website all year round: I’ll help you out in case of glitches, make updates and send you monthly reports on your site’s performance.


Do you offer packages?

I did at first, but the growing diversity and complexity of projects made this approach irrelevant. Each case is unique.

As a rough guide, please allow at least (prices excl. VAT) :

  • 1500 € for a showcase site
  • 3000 € for an ecommerce site
  • 5000 € for a complex ecommerce site

What are your delivery times?

Subject to availability, please allow approximately :

  • 1 month for a showcase site
  • 3 months for an ecommerce site
  • 6 months for a complex ecommerce site

I don't want a WordPress site

The choice to use WordPress may not be optimal for your situation, especially if you want a customized web application.

However, this choice allows me to concentrate primarily on the design of the site and to quickly implement many of the features available in the WordPress ecosystem. I prefer to work on showcase and/or ecommerce projects.

Will I be entitled to delivery training?

I accompany all my customers from the start of the project, until they have their new work tool fully in hand. Docu, video tutorials, or simple visios, I’ll make sure everything runs smoothly for you, and that’s included with all my quotes.

Why choose me?

  • long experience in the world of images: I could enrich your site by integrating the most striking visuals, and retouch them if necessary. My aesthetic sense will also enable me to arrange them harmoniously.
  • a single point of contact: this simplifies communication, speeds up the process and ensures harmonious coordination to create an effective, consistent website
  • Cartesian mindset: As those who know me already know, before my studies at Gobelins, I obtained a degree in Physics and Chemistry, thus developing a natural affinity for computer science. As a result, I have a good grasp of numbers, lines of code and bug solving.

Can I do it?

If you have very specific requirements, you may need to call in a specialist developer. In particular :

  • if your project is urgent
  • if your project involves a web application
  • if your design has to be built from scratch
  • if you’re a large company or institution with a scaling requirement.

When do we start?

Take the first step, and tell me about your project 🙂 !